How can I book a consultation ?

1) Choose your service.

2) Pay online.

3) Get your consultation.

Are there any commissions ? 

Yes. UROSUS takes 10% for each consultation done by a member. As for customers, UROSUS adds 4€ for booking fees.

When do I get paid ?

As a member, you get paid 24h after finishing a consultation.

Can I cancel a reservation ?

You can cancel a consultation by phone if it's done at least 48h before the appointment. But commission fees aren't refundable. As for email psychic readings or email psychic sessions, it's not possible to cancel because the delay is too short. As for birth charts, you can't cancel because the astrologer is already working on it.


What happens if a member takes too long to deliver ?

If members take too much time to deliver, their profiles won't be visible anymore. They cannot take any reservations. They must deliver those who have already paid. 


How can I apply ?

You can send your application here.