What are the advantages of UROSUS ?

First of all, as a medium or psychic, you are paid in 24h. It means if you finish your order on time, you receive your money on your Paypal account within 24h.

Besides, we offer free psychic readings. You can choose what to offer in exchange of a psychic reading. Find more about our barter service here.

Finally, as a customer you get high quality readings and if you choose a psychic reading by email, you will receive it within 48h.

How can I book a consultation ?

1) Choose your psychic reader.

2) Pay online.

3) Receive your reading.

Are there any commissions ? 

Yes. UROSUS takes 10% for each reading done by a psychic. As for customers, UROSUS adds 4€ as booking fees.

When do I get paid ?

As a psychic, you are paid 24h after finishing a consultation. You get 22,50€ per psychic reading.

Can I cancel a reservation ?

You can cancel a phone reading if it's done 48h before the appointment. But commission fees aren't refundable. As for psychic readings by email, it's not possible because the delay is too short.


What happens if a psychic takes too long to deliver ?

If psychics take too long to deliver, their profiles aren't visible anymore. They cannot take any reservations. They must deliver those who have already paid. 


How can I apply as a psychic ?

You should send your application here.