UROSUS is a platform that offers original experiences to help you grow spiritually and learn about yourself. Find more about our services here

Our main measures are : 

  • HONESTY : As a professional, you have to be honest with customers.
  • RESPECT : As a customer and member, you must respect our terms of service.
  • QUALITY : We pay attention to quality so that you can have an amazing experience.



  • free sessions (with barter service)
  • unique price (for psychic readings and birth charts)
  • graduate staff for high quality services
  • reliable psychics & astrologers (every one of them has been tested before being accepted)
  • different kind of services to help you feel better



    • daily payments (you get paid 24h after each consultation you made)
    • visibility on our platform 
    • direct contact with customers
    • flexible hours (you choose your own schedules)
    • remote job (you work from home)

      If you want to apply, click here. If you want to book a consultation, click here.